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    Contemporary Executive High Back Chairs

    Davis Furniture, Lucid 10 Chair, Executive Office Conference Chair

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    MSRP: $1,391.00

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    Additional freight will apply. L U C I D … o r i g i n a l , 1 0 , 2 0 , 3 0 s e r i e s The original design of Lucid with a black plastic back offers a true “passive” ergonomic chair with its patented mechanism and center-pivoting back. This design allows for full body movement mimicking every twist and turn of the user’s body. Then a marriage of the webbed back and Lucid mechanism created the Lucid 10. It offers the comfort of the Webb Chair but with different aesthetics and mechanism. Now, Davis has added two new series that offer larger scaled chairs with a more executive appeal. The Lucid 20 and Lucid 30 Series has a wider and deeper seat in either an ultra mid or ultra high back heights. Lucid 20 and Lucid 30 also have a more tapered arm and back rail design, along with a larger castered base. To complete this program two new back options were added along with the webbed back offering — Upholstered and Knitted. All three back styles are available on Lucid 10, Lucid 20, and Lucid 30 Series. L U C I D … t h e f a m i l y With the new additions of the Lucid 20 & Lucid 30 Series at NeoCon® 2004, Davis has created a complete “family” of chairs for the Lucid Series. This family offers a range of back designs — plastic back with interior upholstered or jacket cover options, webbed, upholstered, and knitted. This series also is available in a variety of chair sizes to suit individual needs in conferencing, task, and executive levels Lucid Original Series… …black plastic back …upholstered insert back …jacket covered back …single pivot point back …black plastic arm cap standard …short or long upholstered arm cap options …synchro-tilt mechanism option Lucid 10 Series… …webbed back …upholstered back …knitted back …black plastic arm cap standard …short or long upholstered arm cap options …synchro-tilt mechanism option Lucid 20 Series… …larger scale ultra mid back …webbed back …upholstered back …knitted back …tapered arm with black plastic insert …black upholstered inlay option …synchro-tilt mechanism option Lucid 30 Series… …larger scale ultra high back …adjustable headrest …webbed back …upholstered back …knitted back …tapered arm with black plastic insert …black upholstered inlay option …synchro-tilt mechanism option the heart… an “active control node”… single point pivot… passive ergonomics… full range of body movements… in three dimensions… intelligent… This ergonomic chair concept advances individual comfort, and at the same time simplifies the effort on the part of the user. It frees the user to rotate, tilt front to back, and side to side…in a natural body motion. L U C I D … q u i c k c h a n g e As an added feature, there is an onboard tool that allows you to remove the high back and turn it around in the field to create a mid back, or vise versa. This gives the user more flexibility and is advantageous for standard programs L U C I D…webbed backs Now available on all Lucid 10, Lucid 20, and Lucid 30 Series are nine webbing selections. This flexible woven back is constructed of a special webbing tape developed with DuPont originally for the Webb Chair Series. The body of the tape is composed of two-ply polyester yarn chosen for resistance to staining and abrasion, cleanability, ease of dying, and colorfastness. The elastomer component (DuPont LYCRA® spandex) is wrapped with the polyester and adds superior, long term performance and resilience. This combination of materials conforms with the user’s movements in a new way that attains the highest level of comfort. L U C I D…upholstered backs Black Plastic Back Upholstered Options The original Lucid series is offered with an upholstered insert on all models with the “U” indication. This insert has an interior foam layer that gives an additional softer comfort level in the back. It is attached to the interior of the black plastic back and maintains the passive ergonomic movement the center pivoting back offers. It may be specified in most textiles and leathers. The black plastic back may also be ordered with the optional jacket cover which is socked over the plastic back. It also has interior foam for comfort and may be specified in most textiles and leathers. Jackets are ordered according to the product style in either a high or mid back indication. Lucid 10, 20, and 30 Series Upholstered Option The fully upholstered style is available on the three series as Lucid 11, Lucid 21, and Lucid 31. This upholstery treatment has comfort wrinkles on the front for added comfort in the back support. A thin profile is maintained through a special interior construction that has integrated support supplied from webbing straps. Most textiles and leathers may be specified for this upholstery treatment. L U C I D…knitted backs As an alternative to the webbed back, Davis has engineered a new type of knitted back that offers the same individual back support as the original webbed back. The back is knitted like a sweater in one-piece with the same polyester wrapped Lycra® yarns as used in the original webbing. L U C I D … a r m s t y l e s The sleek radius arms enhance the clean, classic design of the Lucid 1 through 12 models. Castered base chairs are standard with black plastic arm caps, which offer extra protection for the arm. As options, the radius arms may be specified with hand-sewn long or short leather wrapped arm covers. Cantilever chairs are standard with short leather arm covers. Lucid 20 and Lucid 30 Series has tapered arms that add a unique dimension to the overall design. Scaled larger for the enhanced chair size these arms offer a black plastic insert as standard. Optional upholstered inlays of black faux leather over high density foam are also available

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    Style Modern / Contemporary
    Seat Material Fabric/Vinyl
    Chair Back Upholstered Back
    Back Height High Back
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    Arms With arms
    Casters W Casters
    Manufacturer Davis Furniture
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